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Fesq is a Brazilian Art Director and 3D Artist known for his self-taught skills in the digital medium. His work often explores different perspectives, covering both critical themes such as technological disruption in dystopian scenarios, as well as more sentimental topics that delve into the intimacy of human emotions.

A significant portion of his work features a consistent and particular color palette, centered around a striking interaction of shades of red, blue, and purple. This intriguing synergy, which emerged naturally over time, has become a signature of the artist.

After working primarily in the music industry, Fesq chose to seek out new challenges. In mid-2020, the artist decided to delve into the NFT market, which was still in its early days at the time. Today, Fesq has a dedicated base of collectors around the world and collaborated with brands such as Nissan to create the world's first NFT-linked SUV. In addition to developing his own projects, Fesq also educates people and companies on the use of NFTs and blockchain technology.

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