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project for Artifex

Artifex is a Crypto-Art native project that aims to immortalize artists across different mediums. They hosted a community challenge giving artists the opportunity of working on their own spin to the Artifex Logo. My submission was one of the 5 selected as winners!

"Digital is the medium. 


Using bits and bytes, Artifex records the present.


Just as history that was once written on stone."

Artists`s Notes

In order to capture the essence of this concept “how history was recorded through time”, multiple elements were used ranging from visual to audio. This piece contrasts the two opposite ends of how history was and still is recorded on stone and in digital ways.


Textured with a diamond like aesthetic, the Artifex logo rests on top of a rough stone. Hologram binary code glitches around the logo complementing the duality atmosphere this piece goes for. The rough stone symbolizes the old way art was recorded and binary code the new digital era.


The contrast between old/new or stone/digital continues in the sound design. We can hear metal hitting stone as history is carved onto it, and computer keyboard sounds of information being inputted into the digital world.


Unable to be fully put together due to the constant glitch effects, the binary code reads “Empowering artists” when fully converted to characters. A rock crumbling sound can be heard right at the end of the clip as we are ready to embrace a fully digital world. 

New York Take-over

My submission was displayed all over New York City for the project launch, on places like Times SquareBrooklyn Bridge and others!

*pictures courtesy of @illkoncept

Here are some still frames of the animation:

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