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client project for Siggi Music

Music video for Siggi's Better Man. This project was carefully developed to fit perfectly with the song and it's lyrics. You can check out the full breakdown of my process below. From concepting and planing to post effects.


The project started with some keywording based on the song and it's lyrics. This would later help to lay down a concept for the animation. 



FINAL CONCEPT: the journey on becoming a "better man". The progression will be represented through the development of the environment in which a male character is walking.


A moodboard was put together to help guide the concept and aesthetic through the development of the project.



It was really important to breakdown the song structure and plan the sequences ahead. The idea was to play with contrast between light/dark and warm/cold. The sequences start with the man in a dark room and it progressively fills with more elements. The color flows from a colder blue to a warm red and pink as we approach the chorus where the girl is introduced. As if the girl was the one who brought light and warmth into the man's life. 


A - Title Sequence
B - Empty Room 
C - Cold Room 
D - Warm Room
E - Dance Couple
F - Dance Couple Top View


Sketches are always a good way to lay block out the basics. Good old pen and paper.


The client provided me with the individual instruments stems. This way I've added some glow streak on After Effects driven by the intensity of the drums and horns. A bit of grunge texture was added to help with the aesthetics. 


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