During these past months in the CryptoArt space I noticed quite a few “blurred topics”. Things that (as of now) doesn't have a standard and varies from artists to artists. Based on that I decided to create this page as a way to show my current thoughts about some of them. Hopefully this will bring more insights to collectors on how I think in the space. 


Please, keep in mind that the crypto art space moves fast! This is a snapshot of the way a think and is subject to change in the long run. I'm always trying to learn. All in all, I think that might be useful overall. 

 Updated 06/17/2021

When did you started with CryptoArt?

I first found out about CryptoArt around  mid September of 2020. After that I've spent some good 2 months trying to learn as much as I could before actually truing to get into the space. My genesis mint "The Dealer" was by the end of November. 

What is your approach to scarcity? 

Since starting on the CryptoArt space, my approach was to always mint 1/1 pieces on my own. Exceptions do exist, like the M0NA Loop Box project where I had a 6/6 for example. Only minting 1/1 pieces on my own gives me more range to be part of projects like these without necessarily saturating the market. 


If in any case I decide to mint multiple editions (from my address), it will for sure be a specific, well formatted, self contained project. No plans for such thing at the moment.

Do you sell commercial licenses of minted pieces? 

Depends! Of course selling a commercial license of a NFT to someone other than the collector is completely out of question. 


If a collector is interested in acquiring a commercial license for a piece, Im always open for conversation. In my eyes, this should be a more thought out conversation and possibly somehow a partnership between artists and collector. 

Do you sell prints/merch/physicals of minted pieces?

None of my minted pieces are available as physicals on "print shops" and things like that. Collectors of a specific piece are more than welcome to request a print! In case a collector acquires a commercial license of a piece, than it's up to him to sell physicals or not.

Do you mint different versions of the same piece?

No! I’ve seen multiple times artists selling a still piece and minting an animated version of the same piece right after. This is completely wrong in my opinion.

What are your thoughts on minting on multiple blockchains? 

I think this is a really deep subject that should be viewed carefully. Currently (05/30/21) with more and more blockchains implementing Smart Contracts infrastructure we should see multiple blockchains competing against each other for more of the NFT market share. It's hard to predict which blockchain will be relevant as a “NFT player” in the long run. This will probably create a scenario which consumer attention will be dispersed. 

ETH, with all it’s flaws, still holds the gold standard for NFTs and in my opinion should be like this for a long time. 

That being said, we should see a scenario of “ETH and ???”. For this reason I’m being extremely careful on jumping to other blockchains. All in all, I’m waiting for more data to make more accurate decision.