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Def - Entropy: is a scientific concept, as well as a measurable physical property that is most commonly associated with a state of disorder, randomness, or uncertainty.

For an artist, being creative is a constant process of change and evolution. Every idea transforms along the way it’s developed. In a constant constructive process, our minds wander between different energy states, thoughts and emotions. During certain moments, our minds are extremely busy, filled with energy, disturbed by the sheer of amount of information that we receive on a daily basis. In others we manage to put all the noise aside and clearly focus on our objectives. In this beautiful chaos is where art is made. Entropy is a collection that aims to capture the multiple energy states our mind goes through during the creative process.

_Artists notes:

I started this whole collection during a time in which I was re-thinking my approach to life and art in general. After doing 1 year of "everyday" artworks, I finally decided to shift my perspective a bit and work on pieces, no matter how long it might take to finish them. 

Trying new things required a lot of self reflection and courage. Despite retaining the "fesq aesthetic", some elements used on these pieces were used for the first time ever. As for example, shifting away from the usual, red-blue-purple aesthetic was specifically hard due to my mild colorblindness. I always feared using colors wrongly.

Although I feel that there is no specific logical order for this collection, as these mind states can come and go, below you will find the order in which they were created plus some notes for each one of the pieces.


When bringing your idea to life, it’s rare (almost impossible) for everything to go according to the original plan. The creative process is filled with ups and downs, overthinking and anxiety. These emotions spin around transforming the base idea into the final piece.



At some point of our lives, the input we receive excedes the limits, the amount of information we consume these days is extremely high. The creative process becomes blurry because of this excessive data floating around in our minds. The lack of understanding of what’s actually happening inside our minds feeds the anxiety inside us.


Even though the creative process is mostly pure madness, from time to time we manage to organize our thoughts and focus on a clear objective. These moments are rare, but also the most enjoyable ones.


Some elements were used with a specific purpose trough out all the pieces. For example, as our minds are the foundation/essence of what we are, the pillars were consistently used on every piece as all of these states are part of the essence of the creative process. 

The scribbles animations were a nice addition aiming to bring a more organic element to the composition and ended up working really well to represent the thoughts and ideas. 

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