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project for Nissan

I collaborated with Nissan to bring a limited edition Nissan Kicks called XPLAY. This limited edition SUV is the first to have each unit linked to an NFT. I had the pleasure to create a unique NFT piece which will be attached to the SUV. Below you will find a documentary video about this special limited edition:


"A surreal interpretation on how cars will be designed in a not so far future."

The main idea of having an NFT linked to the limited edition of this car was to translate the limited edition concept from the real world to the digital world using the most advanced technology available.

This led me to explore and envision the design process of cars in the future.


I am an artist who has been working with NFTs for around 1 year now, it's always cool to be part of projects that utilizes the NFT technology in a way that makes sense. I was pleased to see that Nissan took a really nice approach when using this technology for the first time. 


The NFTs are being given away to each customer that buys the Kicks XPlay limited edition. Not only that, the customer gets exclusive access to a web page that explains the concept and technology. The educational approach fits extremely well as the first time the company is using such new technology.


Not only that a "behind the scenes NFT" was also created to be given away to employees and press. A nice way to educate not only the customers but also other people related to the company.

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