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RTFKT Studio is a digital native next generation sneakers and collectibles company for the metaverse. Mostly known for it's sneakers collaborations and cool collectible drops, RTFKT is working on a "Profile Picture Generative Avatar project" with code-name "Akira". [More Info Here]


In one of the monthly community art challenge, RTFKT challenged creators to design a "trait" to be included on the randomization of 20K avatars. 


This is my concept work for "N.C.A - GEN 03" a top tier stylish neural enhancer. For those who can afford it...

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Below you can find more information on my approach and thought process for this project!

RTFKT as a body enhancement & fashion brand of the future!

While creating concepts, to me it's often easier to think about "what's around the main concept itself ?" 


The "Akira" code-name and early leaks of the projects shows a heavy cyberpunk atmosphere. This inspired me to try to picture:

- How RTFKT would look like in a cyberpunk future? 

- What would they sell?

- How can I extrapolate "tech" and "style" in a single concept?

- How would the company communicate? 

THIRD generation of a product...

A good way for me to create solid concepts is to think on how this concept evolved over time. In case of NCA, imagining previous versions of this product and the key differences between each version helped me to get to a more solid final version.


BST.AI - Body Shape Test AI

Trying to fit the "Akira Avatar Mesh" into the concept without conflicting with the more realistic aesthetic I went for was definitely a big challenge!! Since the concept revolves around a product that would be installed into the persons body, I figured that it would need to adapt to multiple body shapes. So with that in mind RTFKT as a company would need to test multiple shapes in order to get to the optimal design.

That lead me to BST.AI - "Body Shape Testing AI" that simulates millions of bodies to get to the optimal shape".

CONCEPT DETAILS - I'm proud of